Floyd Mayweather wins The One over Canelo Alvarez

The fight went all the way to the judges decision

Boxing's biggest night in the past few years is dominated by Floyd Mayweather Jr's experience and speed. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez was forced to chase the fight; a position the Mexican is not comfortable with and it ended up costing him the biggest fight of his young career.

In the early rounds Canelo Alvarez stood patient waiting for Mayweather's hit and run strategy looking for his power punch that could end the fight early. While Floyd tried not to get to close to the Mexican.

Little by little Mayweather let lose and began sneaking in punches and dodging away. Around the 4th, 5th, and 6th round Mayweather kept hitting the young Mexican boxer and dodging away.

This forced Alvarez to chase the fight more a look to creat some damage on his opponent. The speed and experience of Mayweather proved to be the difference as Canelo struggled to catch his faster opponent.

The best round Alvarez had was in the 10th round when he cornered Mayweather and landed several powerful punches, but unfortunately for his cause they didn't even cause a knockdown.

Mayweather was able to see out the rest of the fight with ease taunting his opponent at times and frustrating the Mexican who was not able to land many punches due to that frustration.



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