Tijuana's Downtown renovation gets celebrated

They promote the city's new image

This past September the 4th there was a very emotional gathering of neighbors and pioneers of the downtown area, of the much awaited "LOFTS" project located on 7th and Constitution streets in downtown Tijuana. The event had many guests including the new tenants, owners, the chef of the restaurant "Punto 7" which will be inaugurated in the commercial area, the designer of the project, the architect Ramon Guillot Lapiedra and Sergio Rosas Bustamante, director of the Bustamante Realty group, who developed the project itself.

The guests had a tour of the building and every tenant was shown their new loft completely finished and ready for them to move in.

Genaro Valladolid, real estate advisor of the Bustamante Realty Group and commercial director of the project, thanked those who assisted the event and especially the developer of his vision who believed and invested in the downtown renovations. Omar Monroy presented his concept of the fusion restaurant and sushi bar which will have it's grand opening in the coming weeks, the restaurant being "Punto 7", all of this with the belief of the potential the downtown area has.

Sergio Rosas Bustamante thanked the team at Bustamante Realty Group, making special mention to the passion with Genaro Valladolid promoted the project, he also thanked those present for the trust deposited in them by believing in this project and renting the first lofts in the project.

To culminate this celebration, those who assisted the event walked through the downtown streets to the Etxeverri tavern located on 6th street to celebrate and keep promoting their relationships with their future neighbors and thus officially being the pioneers that will take part in the downtown renovation.




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