The Pope sends his condolences to the victims of "Ingrid" and "Manuel" in Mexico

He prayed that the Virgin of Guadalupe watch over them.

ROME.- Pope Francis sent a message of condolences for the numerous victims of the hurricanes and storms which have struck both sides of the coasts of Mexico, and he says he feels a "Deep sorrow" and asks God to comfort those who are suffering due to these catastrophes. The Vatican informed today through a press release.

The message was given out through the Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, The Archbishop of Guadalajara and President of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, Francisco Robles Ortega.

At least 80 people have passed away in Mexico as a result of the landslides, the destruction of homes and rivers overflowing, caused by Hurricane "Ingrid" and the tropical storm "Manuel", which have affected both sides of the coast in the country, according to the report from the Interior Minister of Mexico, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

In his message, Pope Francis assures that he feels a "deep sorrow" after being informed about the dramatic consequences of Tropical storm "Ingrid" and Hurricane "Manuel" through "their passing across that beloved nation", causing numerous material damages, victims and leaving many families homeless, which is why he is "offering fervent prayers so that the recently deceased have their eternal rest".

At the same time, he asks God to provide comfort to those who have suffered these terrible losses and that "the goodwill and sense of brotherhood in people increases so they can collaborate with the reconstruction of the affected areas and help those who are in pain and despair in an effective manner"

The holy father also wishes to transmit "his condolences to the families of the deceased and his paternal solace and spiritual closeness to the injured and the homeless, as well as trusting the guiding hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe, he imparts his apostolic blessing with all his heart, as a sign of affection to the beloved people of Mexico, so present in his thoughts as a shepherd of the Universal Church during these unfortunate circumstances".


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