Acting mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria, is received in Tijuana by Carlos Bustamante

Communication between the two cities is reinforced

Ysterday, the Mayor of Tijuana, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, received San Diego's acting Mayor, Todd Gloria, who finally had to opportunity to present himself formally with the authorities of the Tijuana City council, after his very recent and sudden appointment to office.

In the reception, which was held at the Tijuana Mayor's office, Carlos Bustamante highlighted the importance of maintaining the coordination held between the two governments while working on different projects which concern and benefit both cities.

"What is most important to us with this change, is that we continue working on the same path we had laid out with Bob Filner; which is to continue a constant communication between both cities, as well as having meetings to discuss the subjects with the most relevance" Mayor Bustamante indicated.

Todd Gloria, manifested his intention to continue with the projects which had been established before his appointment, in order to make as much progress as possible with what little time is left in office for both cities governments.

The secretary of Municipal Government, Obed Silva Sanches; Director of Bi-National affairs Tijuana, Alfonso Bustamante Anchondo; The coordinator of Bi-National Affairs, Carolina Chavez Vasquez; and Director of Bi-National Affairs in San Diego, Mario Lopez, were all present during Todd Gloria's visit to Tijuana.


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