Jorge Almiron: "The team tried everything, they tried to win"

Xolos manager believes his team was the best team.


TIJUANA - Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles finished in a 0-0 draw against Cruz Azul their week 11 match of the Liga Bancomer MX. After the match the Xolos manager explained that his team was the best in the night and deserved the win.

"The team tried everything, they tried to get the win against a tough opponent, a strong team that came in to defend. We had four clear chance to score in the first 20 minutes of the second half and just couldn't put them away." Explained Jorge Almiron

According the rookie manager the referee in the night Roberto Garcia Orozco favored the visitors a bit more. To his liking the Cruz Azul midfielders did more to deserve bookings than his players.

"I know it is not a valid excuse, but the referee did influence in the game. Their two holding midfielders needed to have been ejected from the game with the amount of fouls they did. In contrast Gandolfi and Pellerano get a yellow on the first foul they commit. It does affect the game." Said "El Negro" Almiron

Regarding Dario Benedetto's injury Almiron just said that it changed the game plan since Raul Enriquez is not the same type of player as the Argentine. But did not give any information on what is wrong with Dario.

"You go in with a game plan and when things like this happen you're forced to change it. Dario had to leave really early on and Raul (Enriquez) is not the same type of striker. He likes to drop out of the box more but he did good" said Almiron "We'll run some test on him (Dario Benedetto) but it is never a good sign when a player asks to be pulled out of the game." Concluded Jorge Almiron.

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