Drug dealers help victims of hurricane "Ingrid"

Their only concern is helping

During this week, Mexico has seen a lot of support from different sources when it comes to helping the victims of "Ingrid" and "Manuel", the most recent of them has caught a lot of attention because of those providing the help: The Gulf Cartel.

Through a video that has been making the rounds on social media networks since this morning, you can observe how these drug dealers have been giving out food and supplies to those affected in the state of Tamaulipas. In the video you can observe how the trucks are loaded with supplies, and distributed among the victims of these natural disasters, and how the Cartel says they are only trying to help, unlike the Mexican Government who has shown some rather controversial preferential treatment, neglecting some areas of the country.

VIDEO : The help of the Gulf Cartel

The comments did not take long to start flowing, and among them you can read several criticisms about the criminal group where citizens point out that a few good deeds will not make amends for all the violence they have caused in Mexico, and that they should not be flaunting their charity work.

Others however appreciate the gesture, given that after all, the ranks of drug dealers are mainly composed by people who had low income and due to the lack of opportunities, they joined the world of drug dealing in order to make it out of the slums, have something of their own and a have a higher quality of life, knowing full well the risks this "profession" entails.




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