Pope Francis criticizes the world's economic system

He makes a call for people to keep their dignity

Pope Francis criticized the world's economic situation, during his trip to the island of Cagliari in Italy, one of most affected regions due to a lack of jobs.

"We are living the consequences of a world decision, of an economic system which is leading us to tragedy. An economic system which has as it's main concern an idol called money. God has wanted that the center of the world be men and women, and that they make the world better with their work, not their money", he mentioned. "Two generations of young people who have no jobs, the world has no future like this".

After finishing his speech before those who attended his visit, he made a prayer to God so he can help people to overcome the "idols which seek to steal our dignity and the unfair systems which want to steal our hope".

Pope Francis' message has made an echoed throughout the world, given that Italy is not the only region which is going through serious financial troubles. Francis has started a revolution both inside and outside of the catholic church, given that he has also made some changes with those who administer the church's assets.

On several occasions, the Pope has finalized his messages and meetings with those who are faithful, with the phrase "Pray for my", which some specialists have considered as a call for help, given the challenges Pope Francis is facing as the head of the church.

Speaking about global economy, Pope Francis has added yet another subject which is surprising the world and changing peoples perspective on what is known as the traditional church. Abortion, birth control and homosexuality have all been topics which he has stated his opinion on and have caused a lot of discussions.




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