The political party PAN presents it's proposal for an electoral reform

PRD also has some ideas

The conservative Party for National Action (PAN) presented it's proposal for an electoral-political reform, which would nullify a candidate's election when they surpass the spending limit set on campaigns, the reelection for legislators and mayors, and last of all, an opportunity of second rounds in presidential elections.

In a press conference, the National president of PAN, Gustavo Madero, made the presentation for the initiative, so that according to the commitments made in the Pact for Mexico, that it gets discussed and approved before the energy reform.

The proposal pretends to create a new system that would be made up of a National Electoral Institute, which would be in charge of organizing the federal and local elections, an Electoral Justice Court for the resolution of conflicts and a unique legislation on the matter.

The unique electoral legislation foresees the concurrence of federal and local election for the first Sunday of July, as well as voting mechanisms that would be placed in a foreign country to regulate the electronic votes.

According to Madero, the law would give the National Electoral Institute the authority to use of public resources by the political parties in a correct manner.

"With this, the winning candidate that overspends even a single peso above the campaign spending limit will be sanctioned with the nullification of their election, and will not be able to participate again in the extraordinary process". Madero exposed.

On the other hand, political parties should register at least 40% of their nominations of the same gender, seeking parity in the total registry.

Madero also indicated that the political slope of this reform seeks to encourage "Deliberative democracy that will allow the citizens participation in the decisions taken by the government".

Likewise, it will also allow legislators, both federal and local, to be reelected, as well as mayors, and borough chiefs in Mexico City.

It proposes the ratification by Congress of the Secretaries of Finance and Foreign Affairs, as well as the person responsible for public security in the country.

"In the event that a presidential candidate doesn't have the qualified majority in an election, it establishes the possibility of an election a second time around, and a Government Coalition"

The political party PAN revealed their proposal after the left wing party PRD did the same this Monday.

The president of PRD, Jesus Zambrano, exhorted the government of president Enrique Peña Nieto and other institutions to respect the commitment to approve this Electoral-political reform first, and then work on anything else that is pending.

When presenting the proposals made by PRD, Zambrano highlighted the importance of creating an authority "with new and unique enforcement powers" that will verify the elections for public office positions.

The initiative proposed by PRD includes citizen elections, the ratification of the federal Cabinet, the censored vote, the immediate reelection for Legislators and gender equality.

It also includes the removal of immunity to officials, including the President, and the full recognition of the constitutional rights of the inhabitants of Mexico City.


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