Evo Morales proposes a court to judge Obama

He presents his petition at the UN General Assembly

"As we are here debating about life and humanity, I want to propose a people's court to begin a lawsuit against Obama's government", the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, declared at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly this week.

The request has come up after all the controversy created by Venezuela, when they reported that the United States did not allow them to use Puerto Rico air space for a flight of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on his way to China.

Evo Morales, insisted on judging Barack Obama again this week at the UN General Assembly, accusing the United States president of crimes against humanity.

The Bolivian president also requested that the UN headquarters be moved to a new location and declared that "The United States is a harbor for corruption, terrorist and delinquents. We need to consider moving the UN headquarters".

Morales also joined Dilma Rousseff's call, when the Brazilian president brought up the subject of the accusations against the United States in regards to their espionage on the International community, stating that it's a violation of human rights that affects the entire world, given that the United States was spying on allied countries, as well as anti-imperialistic nations.




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