Mitt Romney recognizes the importance of the Latin Vote

He considers the Republican party as the party of opportunities

"The greatest strategic mistake was not investing enough, especially on Hispanic communities and television networks, in order to help Hispanic and Latin voters to understand that the Republican Party is full of opportunities", Mitt Romney, the former candidate for the United States Presidency explained during an interview with CNN.

With this statement, Romney admitted that he should have given more importance to the Hispanic vote, something the opposition did pay attention to and yielded them excellent results as well as a second term for Barack Obama, it is estimate that 70% of Latin voters voted in favor of Obama.

The former candidate also recognizes that Hispanics associate the Republican Party with the Immigration reform, which he has cleared up "I believe that my position and that of the Republican party was misunderstood. I want to see an Immigration reform. I said it during the campaign. I want to make sure that we have a migration system that bring more people legally in to the country".

Without going too far, it is enough to observe the situation in San Diego to agree with this stance. Bob Filner received a lot of support from Hispanics in the region during the last elections; he even adopted Spanish as part of his speeches and showed a more inclusive government. Now that San Diego is looking for a new mayor, the actions of the candidates should be that of getting closer to the population. How many candidates have given their speeches in Spanish during this campaign? The Hispanic vote is gaining more and more strength, and politicians, on both Democrats and Republicans have already taken note of this.


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