FEMEN Mexico sends an open letter to Peña Nieto

In remembrance of what happened on October 2nd 1968

Remembering what happened on a day like today but in 1968, the feminist group FEMEN sent a letter addressed to the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, which reads as follows:

"Today on October 2nd, FEMEN writes an open letter to the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, for being the one directly responsible for the dictatorial regime that we are currently living in Mexico. You call yourself a democrat, but there is no respect for the freedom of expression in this country, no space for political opposition and a true separation of powers does not exist.

Today on October 2nd we mexicans remember that on this day, in 1968 the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), murdered, repressed and criminalized students that were protesting against the authoritarianism of that time. We remember the rivers of blood that flowed through the causeways of the Tlatelolco Plaza, where military forces cornered and took dissident students by surprise, all in the name of the Government. We also remember that because of a presidential order, they prohibited the press from speaking of the homicides which took place that day; freedom of expression gagged and censored.

Today on October 2nd, just like 45 years ago, you are guilty of murdering our basic human right that is freedom of expression. It has been a cold, calculated and orchestrated murder. The perfect murder, which with the media being an accomplice, has been left with complete impunity.

People affirm in a lighthearted manner that the country has progressed since 1968, but we've all been witnesses to the return of the "perfect dictatorship". Once again totalitarianism is camouflaged with laws that masquerade as freedom, but once executed, they fall down with the full strength of the state's repression. It is a dictatorship, because it is persecuting the young people who protested on December 1st, on June 10th, and September 1st; because it is murdering defenders of human rights and journalists. Mexico is today, one of the most dangerous countries to investigate and publish dissident content. Those in government are authoritarians and murderers, either by action or omission. We say this with full conviction, but also with fear, because speaking from dissent and critical thinking is persecuted heavily by this incipient government.

There cannot be democracy with a political party which absorbs it's political opposition; that persecutes young people and students who protest; that seduces intellectuals, that controls the media oligopoly of Televisa and TV Azteca, which was born from the PRI's Concession; that spending on official publicity forces the press to speak on their behalf, a press that lives on the breadcrumbs of public spending; that gags and censors independent media, by attacking them and murdering journalists.

Because we remember those brave souls that that raised their voice against this same party today 45 years ago on October 2nd 1968. Today FEMEN is doing the same against this undercover dictatorship which is ruling Mexico. It has all been devoured by the omniscient cancer of PRI, freedom of expression has died even in the territories that were once considered the ones with most freedom.

You can no longer protest freely with any guarantees, not even in Distrito Federal (Mexico City). The chief of government Miguel Angel Mancera, after praising his good relations with the PRI's oppressive government, has affirmed that he will prosecute "anyone who threatens the city" with the full extent of the law. It is not a coincidence that since the president took office, that police in the capital city have detained dozens of people with no justification at all, and with no respect to the due process; all under the protection of the federal and local government. The raids and persecutions of young people during the dissident protests are all widely documented. And if that weren't enough, the mayor with a fascist hue imprisons independent journalists who tape and photograph the protests. They are charged with attacking public peace, because public peace is that of the dictatorship: we must let it exist without contradictions.

The lack of Judicial and Legislative counterweights dictate the end of freedom in the city of freedoms, and questions it at a federal level. Courtrooms are the first place where human rights are violated, where the presumption of innocence is nothing more than a metaphor that doesn't apply there. While legislators propose to envelop persecution under the disguise of legality, under the ambiguous and screwed up pretense of "threatening authority". A threat which is dissent, and offensive gesture, disregard, humiliation; all of these types of expression are protected under human rights when criticizing authority, which instead of guaranteeing human rights, it violates them flagrantly.

Those who should be building an opposition line up with the ones who are in power and bow down to them; the praise to the dictator dressed as a president. We believed that the year 2000 would be a year of deep changes, we made a big mistake. The Party for National Action (PAN) failed in it's responsibility: Instead of leaders, it has given us caricatures of political leaders. After 12 years, the country is now broken, with levels of violence we had never seen before, more poverty, more inequality, and a level of press censorship without precedent. A country on it's knees, submitted to the powers that be.

Today on October 2nd, the Presidential instruction is that no one talks about the violent horrors that affect the country. But that in no way means that they do not exist. Today on October 2nd, we remember that the dictatorships will is still alive, and that it is assaulting our basic freedoms to protest, dissent and denounce. As proof we present the 78 journalists and 23 defenders of human rights who have been murdered in the past 13 years. Before a careless stare from the authorities, not all of us will bow down our heads. There are still citizens left that no matter how many grenadiers are patrolling the city, we will go out and scream for our freedom.

We are no long afraid. The masquerade of democracy can no long hide it's rotten face of dictatorship. Today we vindicate the strength, dissent and expression that once filled the Three Cultures plaza of Tlatelolco. October 2nd is not forgotten, it is denounced.



This group is relatively new to Mexico, and is currently inviting all women to join it, all they have to do is send their picture with the parameters that the movement requires (nude torso with a phrase on their chest) and send it to joinfemenmexico@gmail.com

What is your opinion about this movement and it's letter addressed to the President of Mexico?




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