José Guadalupe Osuna Millan presents his 6th government report

The matter of security was one of the biggest achievements

Social Development was another one of the priorities of Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan's time in office. During these past six years, more than a million people received health coverage by affiliating to the Popular Insurance. The governor highlighted that they created, remodeled and equipped 115 health centers, 7 seven advanced primary attention centers, 60 mobile units and 7 medical specialist units.

There was a great investment in infrastructure, which is why they created and improved community centers, spaces for sports, gymnasiums and recreational areas. The investments necessary for this were over $125 million pesos.

Handicapped Citizens were also benefited with support from the Government. With the use of over 75 Million pesos, they sought to support several civil organizations and they also created several programs to benefit those with disabilities.

Immigrants, women, children, young people, and senior citizens, all went to the Attention Center for DIF, who developed several campaigns and programs to help them. These activities were performed by Mrs. Carmina Capuchino de Osuna, who is the Governors wife, spearheaded the Institution's patronage, work which her husband greatly recognizes.

The subject of Economy was one that many people were waiting to hear about. When he got to this point, the Governor made a point that the state had faced several challenges because of the world's economical situation, but despite of this, Baja California has generated over 255 thousand jobs. Due to the "Triple Helix" scheme, an effort made by the State Government, schools and private institutions, they provided over 1,869 Million pesos to support 254 innovation and technology projects.

Osuna Millan took a moment to speak about the proposal to increase the VAT in the border and reiterated his rejection to this measure. "The VAT Standardization should not be passed, we shall all join the ranks to convince federal senators and congressmen of our reality and have them oppose this proposal, say no to the VAT standardization in the border...".

With this final statement, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan said farewell to his time in office, which will end on October 31st of this year.

The event counted with the presence of several authorities from all levels of government, such as the mayors of all 5 cities in Baja California, and Francisco "Kiko" Vega de Lamadrid, elected Governor of the State of Baja California

How do you grade the work done by Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan?


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