First preview of "Metastasis", the Latin version of "Breaking Bad"

Meet Walter Blanco and Jose, who will follow the steps of Walter White and Jesse in Colombia

Colombian television series usually follow the same theme which permeates the country, the problem they face on a daily basis: drug dealing.

Just like in Mexico, where a great portion of the telenovelas (soap operas) (if not all of them) deal about a poor woman who everyone mistreats and by the show's finale she ends up a millionaire with the love of her life, Colombia has not stopped producing and exploiting the same model of entertainment, although in their case it is about the lives of major drug dealers, wars between cartels, as a few examples: "Sin senos no hay Paraiso", "El Capo", "El cartel de los sapos", "Escobar el patron del mal" and "las muñecas de la mafia", these are only a few of the Colombian television productions which have gotten to Mexico.

With the success of the AMC series which ended last sunday, ":Breaking Bad", Colombians have decided to make an adaptation which will go under the name "Metastasis", the announcement was made 4 months ago.

Now we can present the first previews of what will be in this new version, where Walter White will be Walter Blanco, Jesse will be Jose, Skyler will have her name changed to Cielo, and Hank switched over for Henry, the actor playing Henry might be remembered for his participation in the original "Betty la Fea" (Uggly Betty), where he played the role of a homosexual designer in the company "Ecomoda" where the plot develops.

The Cast of Metástasis
The Cast of Metástasis

In the trailer we can observe that the motor-home from Breaking Bad, where the main characters began cooking their trademark blue meth, has been replaced with a school bus. This series will be transmitted in most of Latin America and in the United States by the tv network Univision.

Who knows what other types of changes the story will have, for now we leave you with the video preview :

*If you can't see the video, click here





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