PAN rejects the Tax reform and will present an alternative plan

There will be a citizen protest and information rally

This coming Sunday October 6th, the Party for National Action (PAN) will present an alternative to the Mexican tax reform proposed by the federal government, after rejecting it for considering it a "fiscal abuse" to citizens. The measure will include a plan to mobilize citizens.

In an interview with ADN Politico, Congressman Fernando Rodriguez Doval gave a preview of the party's strategy: "All affiliates of PAN will walk the streets to give out fliers and will meet with citizens; we will visit schools these days, to meet with parents and teachers, explain to them how much this will actually affect them". These actions will be part of the mobilizations and protests against the tax reform.

Rodriguez Doval was also in charge of presenting a press release regarding PAN's stance on the tax reform, where they specify that "PAN will vote against this fiscal package. We will go as a united front against these tax increases. Of that you can all be sure. We will do everything in our power to prevent this tax increase on workers and middle class (…). PAN will never validate these fiscal abuses the federal government is proposing".

In both of his participation, the Congressman made a strong point that the participation of the population is imperative, that the citizenry joins in the efforts when it comes to dealing with these fiscal measures, which are unjust for the majority of the population.

Yesterday morning congressmen from the party PAN made their stance against the tax reform quite clear in a peaceful protest, reiterating that they will vote against this measure.


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