Governor of California approved a series of laws in favor of undocumented citizens

The laws will range from allowing undocumented citizens to have lawyers, as well as limiting deportations

The laws will range from allowing undocumented citizens to have lawyers, as well as limiting deportations.

This weekend, the governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed a series of laws, 8 in total, which will benefit undocumented immigrants in one way or another, some of them will surely cause some controversy.

One of the 8 laws is AB4, from Tom Ammiano, a Democrat from San Francisco, which establishes that no undocumented immigrant can be deported or detained for "lesser" crimes that would normally not merit any grave consequences.

With this law, undocumented immigrants will only be detained or deported in serious cases, which is more in line with the Federal standards. The District Attorneys Association of California is against this legislation, which they see as incompatible with Federal rules and also, they consider that it would "Frustrate the cooperation of local authorities with federal authorities, who should be the only ones who execute migration laws."

Another law within this pro-immigrant package is one of assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, Democrat from San Diego, which allows lawyers without legal residence to request their official registry to the school of Lawyers from California.

This law package also includes laws that punish those who threaten to reveal immigration status of anyone as a form of blackmail, and another law with serious consequences for employers who use their employee's immigration status to take some sort of retaliation against them.

These laws have arrived a few days later after the governor approved the law that would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers licenses.

This information is brought to you by the San Diego Union Tribune and the government of California.


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