Woman gives birth in a hospital front yard after she was denied medical service

Not the first time this happens

In the city of San Felipe Jalapa de Diaz, Oaxaca, a pregnant woman with the name of Irma Lopez Aurelio was denied medical services and was left with no other option than to give birth in the front yard of the hospital.

This was known thanks to Eloy Pacheco Lopez who saw what happened, took a photo and uploaded it to Facebook with the following statement:

"Do you consider that the government of 'CHANGE' is fulfilling it's duty of improving the health care system in Oaxaca? Observe this image of a regretful event which happened yesterday – October 2nd – around noon at the health center of Jalapa De Diaz, were a woman, after waiting and demanding attention for over 2 hours, gave birth in the hospitals front yard after being ignored by the staff under the direction of alleged medic Adrian Rene Cruz Cabrera".

Silvia Flores Peña, the mayor of the city of Jalapa de Diaz, has said this is not the first time this has happened, about a month ago another young woman had to give birth in a public area because she was denied the necessary medical services.

The health center is on strike and Maurilio Mayoral, sub-secretary of the health department in Oaxaca explained that these types of births are happening constantly.

Apparently it they are investigating the reason why urgent medical attention was denied to this woman. Among the arguments, the medical staff says that the her being in labor had already been manipulated by midwifes.




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