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"Entijuanarte Frontera Creativa 2013": Day 3

Northern Mexico's biggest artistic event comes to a close

"Entijuanarte 2013" came to a close last Sunday with the opening act of "Cuerda Floja" taking us into the creativity of theater and street performance in a very eccentric way.The artistic group from Durango, started in the year 2006, using elements from the circus, clown and pantomime to later incur into puppet theater.

Grupo de teatro "Cuerda Floja"
Grupo de teatro "Cuerda Floja"

"Cuerda Floja" presented the play "Carnaval de Beas" which could be appreciated by the entire family, both children and adults were able to enjoy during this Sunday at the main stage of Entijuanarte at Tijuana's Cultural Center (CECUT).

During 12 days, Tijuana lived a party full o culture and art, with over 120 stands which could be found at the main stage in CECUT, many different artists had their work on display, artists not only from Baja California but also from other states, creating a varied creative composition with the many faces of Mexico.


On the last day of the activities, different musical acts presented themselves through out the day, among those that stood out were Newton y Sosinho, Nosis, Los Bichos del Sotano II and when the sun gave way to the night, the time came for the participation of the Group Radaid, who have a musical style which mixes trip-hop, indie rock, electronic music, pop-rock and world music, this band originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, took the main stage this Sunday October 6th at 8:00 pm, delighting the audience with the electro-acoustic style that characterizes them.

Cecilia Ochoa
Cecilia Ochoa

At the end of their performance, the General Director of Entijuanarte, Julio Rodriguez and the president of the Entijuanarte Foundation, Cecilia Ochoa, gave a special recognition to the visual artist from Distrito Federal, Cecilia Beaven, for having created the art piece: "Detras de la Puerta" (Behind the door) in the border of Tijuana-San Diego, which was done in a 5 day period.

As the night continued, the stage was made ready to receive one of the bands which has managed to top the charts in Radio all across the country, it was time to give welcome to the band from Monterrey, "A Band of Bitches", which characterizes itself for being a group were all the members wear masks, with personalities unknown since they never show their faces, which creates a certain curiosity about their members. However it is known that Jonas Gonzalez, current vocalist for Plastilina Mosh is the one who started the project.

A Band of Bitches
A Band of Bitches

The "Giant Ball" of CECUT was witness to the energy Tijuana gave out with their dancing and every song that was sung along to, especially when the band played the song "Noroeste Caliente" (Hot Northwest), the song they used to close the evening.

It was in this manner that "A Band of Bitches" was the one who closed out the 9th edition of "Entijuanarte 2013", this cultural party which is now a tradition which is made year after year in the city of Tijuana, Baja California.



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