Woman gives birth on hospital floor

Hospital's director has been removed from his position

In the city Tehuacán, Puebla, a woman gave birth on the floor of the Hospital "Mujer de la Tehuacan". As soon as the woman gave birth, a hospital worker ran to pick up the new born from the floor while a man was complaining because of the lack of medical attention, demanding the names of those in charge of the clinic. Some people were demanding attention for the woman, and after a while nurses picked her up from the floor and put her on a hospital bed.

This is yet another case of an egregious lack of medical attention, not to mention inhumane treatment of the patient, this is why Jose Hassan Chalini, which was the director of the Hospital where this occurred, has been removed from his position. Rafael Moreno Valle, Governor of the state of Puebla gave the order to the Health Department to go to the medical center and investigate immediately, stating that these types of situations will not be tolerated.

The Health Department has made a press release about what happened, which reads as follows:

"With relation to the case which happened at the Hospital "Mujer de la Tehuacan", the Health Department of the State (SSEP) informs that Dr. Jose Hassan Chalini, director of the hospital, has been removed from his position for not informing about this case at a proper time, seeing as this case happened this past September 7th 2013.

On behalf of the instructions of the Governor of the State, Rafael Moreno Valle, the secretary of health, Roberto Rivero Trewartha along with other government officials, arrived at the location to make the proper investigations and punish those responsible.

The Director, as well as other Hospital workers, should have reported this issue in a timely manner, detailing the events exactly as they occurred.

According to medical reports, they informed that the patient along with her newborn were in observation, without any complications and were later on discharged.

The Health Department will not tolerate omissions of this kind, nor the lack of proper medical attention to those who require our services.

The investigations about the case will be made in order to hold those accountable and proceed to apply the proper sanctions."

It is reported that both the mother and the baby are in good health.




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