The fight against the Tax Reform and the VAT Standardization continues

What will come after the suggestions made by the Economy Commissions, Treasury and Public Credit?

The fact that the Economy Commissions, Treasury and Public Credit of the chamber of Congress have suggested to approve aspects of the Tax Reform like the Standardization of the VAT in the Border and the tax on sugary beverages has caused much revolt and confusion among citizens. What does this suggestion means? What comes next? And is there a way to stop it? Yes, there is a way.

The general voting for Senators and Congressmen so that the measure be implemented is still pending, but the suggestions of these commissions alarm because of the fact that the outcome is still not comprehended, despite having government leaders, representatives, business owners and citizens explain it strenuously for the past few weeks, with several meetings and conferences explaining the damage key points in the Tax Reform will have, none of these efforts have yielded the expected results.

The bulletin issued yesterday by the Economy Commissions, Treasury and Public Credit of the chamber of Congress indicated the following: "The commission of Economy has approved the opinion on the initiatives of the Tax law to the VAT, the Special Tax law on Production and Services (IEPS) and the Fiscal code of the Federation and has remitted them to the Commission of Treasury and Public Credit for their evaluation... The VAT Standardization, increasing it from 11% to 16%: it is considered that it will have a short and mid term impact the elimination of this preferential percentage, which is why it is recommended that the mechanisms for investment compensation and additional public spending for this region be studied further."

*You can consult the bulletin in it's entirety here

The Economy Commission of the Chamber of Congress counts with 30 members, where most of them represent regions from the center of the country like Distrito Federal and the State of Mexico. Only 10 members belong to the Border States like Baja California, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua, Sonora and Tamaulipas; Baja California is represented by Ana Lilia Garza Cadena of the Political Party PVEM

*You can consult the member listing of the Economy commission here

When it comes to the Commission of Treasury and Public Credit, it counts with 44 members, where 11 of them come from Border States; Baja California is represented by Chris Lopez (PRI) and David Perez Tejada (PVEM).

*You can consult the member listing for the Commission of Treasury and Public Credit here

This week, the rejection toward the VAT Standardization will continue in the border, with information being distributed by fliers and meetings of business owners and citizens.

One of these meetings is from the Coordinating Counsel of Business owners in Tijuana (CCE), who will invite to an Emergency Concentration of Citizens in order to strengthen the front lines against the VAT increase. The meeting will be this Tuesday October 15 in the installations of Canaco Tijuana at 10:00 am. During the meeting a document will be signed which will be sent to the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, as well as the federal legislators.

In an Interview with the newspaper Milenio Baja California, Juan Manuel Hernandez Niebla, President of the CCE highlighted the importance of citizen's participation and declared that "Today it is our responsibility to manifest against this centralist decision, which if approved, will be catastrophic to the economic development of the region. Which is why we expect that we will have a lot of people at this meeting on Tuesday October 15 at Canaco."


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