Costa Rica 2-1 México: El Tri owes its life to the USMNT

While the Aztecs lost against the Ticos, the USA scored 3 goals in Panama to give Mexico another day to live

SAN DIEGO, CA.- Mexico owes its life to the United States Men's National Team (USMNT). Thanks to the 2 goals scored in aggregate time, El Tri is still alive in its search for the last ticket to the 2014 World Cup, even after losing 2-1 against Costa Rica.

The game

Because of the pouring rain, the field from the Estadio Nacional was slippery and did not let any of the teams play well during the first 15 minutes of the match.

Costa Rica started attacking since the first few opportunities the team got, while El Tri got its first chance at goal on the 16th minute, when Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez entered the area and instead of firing a shot, the Manchester United forward chose to pass the ball to Oribe Peralta. Peralta couldn't get a good shot on the ball but his chopped strike was still going in the goal's direction. Unfortunately, the referee signaled Chicharito offside when the number 14 stepped over the ball and Mexico lost its first chance to open the score.

Costa Rica's Bryan Ruiz took advantage of the nervous lapse of Rafael Marquez and Miguel Layun, and he received a cross in the center of the area, where he turned around to shoot and put his name on the score sheet.

Four minutes after the first goal of the match, Chicharito received a through ball to get in front of goalkeeper Keilor Navas. The Mexican forward tried to dribble past him but Navas was able to punch the ball away; but he was not very lucky as the ball ended up in Peralta's path, who shot hard and scored the equalizer.

The second half showed a more aggressive Mexican side, looking for new opportunities to score.

But just as hard as the rain was falling, that's how hard the second goal for Costa Rica came.

It was the 64th minute when Joel Campbell took advantage of a slow Jorge Torres Nilo and ran through the right wing to send a cross to Real Salt Lake's Alvaro Saborio, who sent the ball in to the net.

El Tri kept on attacking but it was not enough to secure a draw.

Meanwhile, the United States helped Mexico to qualify to the intercontinental playoff by dramatically beating Panama 3-1.



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