Officials warn of a virus spreading through ATM's

It allows money to be taken out without authorization

Have you noticed anything strange at the ATM when you realize your transactions in Mexico? It could be a sign that you have been a victim of a new virus which allows money to be taken out without authorization.

"Plotus" is the name of this threat, it is mainly affecting ATMs in Mexico. The security company known as Kaspersky was the one who detected the problem and presented the damages it can cause.

One of the details that was noticed is that the virus operates with a panel in spanish, which leads analyst to believe that the virus was developed in the region. Another one of its details is that you can withdraw exact amounts and the type of bill you are going to receive, it needs an activation code which indicates that it is a virus and that it's operation goes according to the services the program in the ATM operates, which is why it also points to the fact that whoever developed the virus, had extensive knowledge of the system.

As a recommendation, Kaspersky indicates that it is imperative to keep ATMs up to date and with anti-viruses, they also mentioned that in order for the ATM to be infected with the virus, it has to be booted up with a CD, indicating that access to the ATM is necessary.

The recommendation for ATM users is to be aware of any image or strange change which could appear in the screen, like a background change, altered text or images and if this happens, cancel your transactions immediately.


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