"The VAT standardization is a declaration of war against the border": President of CCE Tijuana

CCE calls out for a united front of businessmen and citizens against the 16% VAT

Karim Chalita, President of CANACO Tijuana, explained the current political situation around the tax reform, clearing up that the standardization has not been approved, which is why the Treasury commission in the chambers has the last word about whether or not it goes through.

He also warned that the only thing it will achieve is that citizens who have Visas in order to cross over to the United States, will cross over more often and spend more and more, and those who will be truly affected will be those without a visa and with low incomes, completely the opposite of what the federal government is trying to achieve with this tax reform; there will be an even greater social inequality.

They have tried to convince federal government functionaries that the standardization hurts more than it helps, with proportionate numbers being presented by installations like the Northern Border Collegiate (COLEF) as well as many other economists, proving the negative balance for the border population if this tax reform gets approved.

But the calls for attention on behalf of business owners towards congress and senate have not been 100% effective or at least they have not had the impact desired, which is why Chalita is reminding everyone that they need to protest to raise their voice, reminding Baja California "we are different, we are Mexican and we want to continue competing".

Chalita mentioned some of the Congressmen from Baja California who have proven their stance against the standardization or supported them in their visits to the capital, like Carmen Lopez Segura and David Perez Tejade of PRI and Juan Manuel Gastelum of PAN, commenting that curiously enough, congressman Chris Lopez had assured him personally that he would vote against the VAT Standardization, and he is unaware of why Lopez has given statements in favor of it, attributing the congressman's attitude as maybe some kind of political strategy.

When it comes to mobilizations or protests on the street against the standardization, he clears up that "this is something I do not believe in", as he considers that they will always protest with respect toward society and not with marches which could cause disturbances.

The letter addressed to the President as well as congress will be sent today.




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