Baja California

Mamut Brewery: Pumpkin Ale

The Beer of the Week

Seeing as we were already visiting Mamut Brewery, I have to say that this is simply the best pumpkin ale I’ve had the pleasure of trying.

Pumpkin ales are seasonal beers, which is why every year I eagerly await them. The Pumpkin ale from Mamut Brewery counts with a light orange color with a carbonation which is perfect for this beer style. The aroma is quite gentile, it is not too overwhelming but you can perceive the aromas of pumpkin, caramel and hints of nutmeg.

When it comes to the flavor, it is perfectly balanced, something that usually only happens with this type of seasonal beer, is that the pumpkin flavor overwhelms the rest, sometimes even palling. Mamut's take on this beer avoids that completely, making it very accessible and allowing you to drink more than one. It is the recommendation of the week for this Halloween season.



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