Francisco Arellano Felix is Murdered

The events transpired in Cabo San Lucas

Update: Undisclosed sources have informed that the reports mention that the killer is one of the Arellano Felix Brothers, he was wearing a clown costume and this is how he was able to infiltrate the kid's party.

A man identified as Francisco Rafael Arellano Felix was murdered in Cabo San Lucas today, Arellano Felix is one of the pillars of the Tijuana Cartel. As reported by the newspaper "El Universal", the events happened today during a kid's party where an armed man infiltrated the event and shot Arellano Felix in the Hotel Marbella located in Cabo San Lucas. However Military sources report that it was 2 armed men who assassinated Arellano.

The body was identified by one of his children, who mentions that in effect they were dealing with a member of the Tijuana Cartel.The place is currently locked down by military and police forces, Security filters have been established on the road San Jose del Cabo – Cabo San Lucas. The Attorney General in Southern Baja California confirmed the facts, and the first reports indicate the aggressor managed to escape, which originated an intense police and military mobilization.

In 2008, Arellano Felix was freed from prison after serving his sentence in the United States for Drug trafficking.

We will continue reporting as the story develops.

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