A Photo Exposition will be used to create awareness about the Tax Reform in the mexican Senate

CANACO of Tijuana will join the effort

A photo exposition took place in the Mexican Senate since yesterday to create awareness about the effects of approving the Tax Reform, mainly the VAT standardization. The intention behind this is to have senators really think about their vote before making their decision.

CANACO Tijuana is one of the institutions which have joined the effort promoted by senators of the Border states. This weekend they received images with the support of citizens and media of the region, who have made it a point to spread the news of the actions society has taken in rejection of the Tax Reform.

The Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce (CANACO) will continue to insist on the matter as long as there is a possibility of modifying the Tax Reform in order to make sure that the legislation is in accordance to the actual needs of Mexico.

Members of Canaco Tijuana
Members of Canaco Tijuana

Lic. Karim Chalita Rodriguez IV, President of CANACO Tijuana, will travel to the capitol to support this initiative. Through the Coordination of Communication and Public Relations of the organization they published the news that with this photo exposition they will seek the opportunity to create dialog and awareness about the situation, as well as having a meeting with the President of the Treasury Commission of Treasury in the Senate, Jose Francisco Yunes Zorrilla.

The Senators have until October 30th to revise, modify, reject or fully or partially approve, the decision made by congress.




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