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Mexicans that stand out in Washington

The story of Francisco Fimbres

Americans don't like to be lied to. They appreciate punctuality, formality and the protestant work ethic, many things my mother Beatriz, my grandfather Ignacio and my Uncle Nacho educated me with. But also many of my uncles, loved ones and good friends; all of their families were a great example.

Francisco Fimbres with his grandfather and his mother
Francisco Fimbres with his grandfather and his mother

There are some great families in Tijuana, of all social-economic levels. But I believe that hubris and lack of humility are your worst enemy when someone wishes to stand out.

You have no idea how glad and proud I am of seeing Tijuana grow. It has it's challenges ahead, but it also has very valuable people working for the city, like Karim Chalita, President of CANACO, Genaro Valladolid, Dr. Jorge Astiazaran, Carlos Torres, Mario C. Lopez and many more. There are other many great personal friends I admire and respect, I don't mention their names because it's a matter of space and discretion, but they know who they are.

As fas as the key to succeeding in the United States: The formula is quite simple and it applies to anywhere, be authentic, hard working, honest, sincere, creative, punctual and committed.

And without trying to sound too pious or someone extremely religious, there is nothing that brings me more peace, stability and hope than my love to God. I love my Catholic faith. My faith has gotten me through some tough times, and in the good ones, it keeps my feet on the ground.

Finally my greatest achievement and gift has been to find a good woman to be my wife, mexican from the state of Sonora. Success with a partner is enjoyed even more. A good marriage always includes their partner in everything they do. I'm not perfect and my evolution still continues. I want to continue learning until the day I Die."



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