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Jordi Muñoz recognized as the "Entrepreneur Student of the Year"

New plans for 3D Robotics

This week, Jordi Muñoz received the award for "Entrepreneur Student of the Year" thanks to his work at 3D Robotics, the organization at the border he created with a new concept when it comes to drone production. During the 4th celebration of the awards to the Entrepreneur Student, there were 445 people presenting their projects, which varied in functionality.

The group of judges was conformed of entrepreneurs and members of the National Institute of Entrepreneur of Mexico (Inadem). After obtaining first prize, Jordi Muñoz received an economic incentive as well as other prizes and the opportunity to represent Mexico in the Global event of Entrepreneurial Students that will take place in Washington. The young creator declared that his triumph was not something that was assured, "All of the projects were excellent, and there were business proposals that were really good. But I was the only one participating with a business related to technology development".

[img srcThumb="" srcLink="" size="medium"]Winners of

"Estudiante Emprendedor 2013" (Entrepreneur Student 2013)[/img]


For now Muñoz will continue his studies in Computer Engineering, while 3D robotics continues to grow. In an interview with the news paper Milenio of Baja California, Jordi mentioned that he was having negotiations with Dr. Jorge Astiazaran elected mayor's team, to implement drones as part of a new safety strategy in Tijuana, in a way that several areas of the city can be monitored through the drones, as well as reaching areas which are difficult to reach on foot or car when it comes to rescue missions.

The elected Mayor of Tijuana, Dr. Jorge Astiazaran confirmed these negotiations, indicating that if they are approved, Tijuana will be the 3rd city in all of Mexico to use non-manned aircraft in safety procedures.

VIDEO : Interview to Jordi Muñoz of 3D Robotics




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