The Governor and Mayors-elect of Baja California sign "Pact for Security"

They establish a new state strategy for social prevention of crime

TIJUANA.- The Governor of the State of Baja California, Francisco "Kiko" Vega de Lamadrid, led a signing yesterday of a new Social Political pact to establish the State Strategy for Social Prevention of Crime and Citizen Security of the people of Baja California, along with the 5 mayors-elect of the state, in presence of State and Military authorities as well as civil organizations.

"This pact is a commitment on behalf of everyone to promote the best causes that are for the common good, legality and the guarantee of justice", the governor stated in his message, who highlighted that citizen participation will be of vital importance so that the 7 elements which conform this strategy can be consolidated, thus bringing the benefit to the people of Baja California.

This way, Governor Francisco "Kiko" Vega, referred that the signature is mainly to ratify the aspiration and responsibility we all have to live in an ambiance of legality, crime prevention and respect for human rights.

"From the first day that I took office, I have manifested that respect for human rights, the promotion of legality, guarantees of safety, access to justice and the strengthening of social re-insertion of those who break the law will be the main points of my government", Kiko Vega stated.

He underlined that the Social Political Pact will bring protection and defense for victims, will reinforce preventive programs in marginalized and conflicted zones, as well as keep a conjoined effort with the Civil Society Organism (OSC) related with the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

When it comes to those who are inside of Social Re-insertion Centers in the State, the state's government will keep close attention to those who fulfill the re-insertion programs in order to give them career opportunities when they leave these centers.

"Good cops will have their career in the police force guaranteed, bad cops are heading to the street or jail", the governor stated, he also made a point that police corporations should be professionals and will be subject to constant evaluation on behalf of citizens.

In regards to all of this, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, Secretary of State Public Safety (SSPE), spoke a bit about the 7 key points of the Social Political Pact, which are Vision and Planning, Human Rights, Institutional Strengthening, Social Prevention and Management, Re-insertion and Social Re-integration, Justice, Transparency and Social Audits.

Within the strategy, the commitment is to continue with only one command center (C4), as well as maintaining a single control and confidence center focused on the professionalization of the police institutions.

As well, one single state system for public safety and police intelligence support, as well as 089 as the only number to register citizens anonymous complaints.

When it comes to Human rights, the pact includes a policy of respect for human rights. To this effect, the social proximity police model will be of great use, when it comes to Justice, the State government, foresees a consolidation and modernization when it comes to Justice administration, which will go hand in hand with Transparency and Citizen Control, with evaluations handled by the citizen observatory and the citizen Council of Public Safety.

The Social Political Pact was signed by the Mayors-elect of Tijuana, Jorge Astiazaran Orci; of Tecate, César Rafael Moreno González de Castilla; Rosarito Beach, Silvano Abarca Macklis; Ensenada, Gilberto Antonio Hirata Chico and Mexicali, Jaime Rafael Diaz Ochoa, all of which showed the political will that their governments will have started on December 1st when it comes to consolidating the key points of the pact, with the final purpose being strengthening public safety in benefit of the people of Baja California.

Also present at the signing were Magistrate María Esther Rentería Ibarra , President of the Superior Justice Court of the State; Congressman Cuauhtémoc Cardona Benavides. President of the XXIst legislature of State Congress; Staff Admiral, Víctor Francisco Uribe Arévalo, Commander of the Second Naval Region and General of the Brigade, Gabriel Garcia Rincon, Commander of the Second Military Zone.


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