Interview with Joaquin Murrieta, Member of the "Republic of Baja California"

They seek Baja California's independence from Mexico and it is not a joke

TIJUANA.- Yesterday we had the opportunity to interview one of the administrators for the Facebook Group "Republic of Baja California" who under the pseudonym of "Joaquin Murrieta" answered some of our questions about this movement which has gained a lot of strength since the day it started, it began as a resounding rejection towards the proposals of the centralist Mexican government and their VAT increase at the border.

They seek Baja California's independence from Mexico and it is not a joke, or a simple metaphor to prove the people's discontent over the decisions our politicians made. They started presenting options for a new flag and a currency specifically for Baja California and they are currently organizing a caravan of discontent, a manifestation which will take place in Tijuana and Mexicali next November 10th at 1pm.

San Diego Red: How was the "Republic of Baja California" created?

Joaquin Murrieta: RBC is a movement which was proposed by a horizontal collective of citizens who were dissatisfied, with the end purpose being to point out from the social networks the false federalism which exists in Mexico. The idea is to unleash a collective critical thinking which will go viral due to the necessity of regaining our sovereignty of our region. We actually believe that currently and against the rhizomatic evolution of of Mexican communities, the groups who are in power pretend to impose economic, social and cultural centralist policies around the country. Not only does this go against the supposed democratic regime in Mexico, but it also lacks a complex and sophisticated understanding of the time our country is going through. The Value Added Tax Standardization to 16% was the detonator of our cause, but also proof the imposed policies that do not seek our consensual decision, but rather the perpetuation of power of the elite. RBC pretends to be a tool which will provoke critical thinking about subjects like identity and sovereignty in the current political context (which is afflicted by corruption and organized crime, as well as the failed democratic project) and if it comes to that, a mobilization outside of the social networks to reconsider the Pact for Mexico.

Who participates in the administration of the group Republic of Baja California?

A group of citizens who are dissatisfied with the false Federalism in Mexico.

Why do you keep your identities secret?

Because it's not being a protagonist, nor a possible association with political parties, professional organisms or business management. The members of the original core are all civilians with different political, professional and intellectual backgrounds. The movement is critical with absolutely all political parties, as well as knowing full well that all of the federal and state administrations have not been able to meet the needs of a modern and democratic federalism.

Don't you think that the movement would gain a lot more force if it's followers knew who they were trusting on?

The people in our region do not need leaders of chieftains. We do not want "Followers" we want members. What we believe they need, is that everyone of them considers themselves a citizen with rights and responsibilities. RBC is looking so that all members do their part defending the interests which concern all of us.

What type of counseling did you receive when making the proposals you have published?

The core members of the group have not received any counseling from any type of business group, or political party. On the contrary, we all have a formation in different areas which make this group an original and multidisciplinary group with a lot of dialog with one another.

The main purpose of the group is the manifest against the tax reform, specifically the VAT increase at the border, or do you really believe that Baja California can become independent?

We believe that the people of Baja California need to keep an eye out, make sure that our constitutional autonomy is respected. We are currently not a sovereign state, which is why we propose an independence to manage our own social, economic and cultural policies. RBS is a vigilante organism which will promote measures such as the collective amnesty against the VAT increase and in the future, a creation of a Citizens Tribunal which will ethically condemn measures which hurt the people of Baja California.

Do you have any links to any political parties?

None whatsoever, not only that, we believe that all the political parties have failed their objectives which we have already pointed out.

Have you had any type of conversation with the governor or anyone in his staff?

We have looked to have a conversation with him or with the people of the region. The way we do politics is not the same as those who occupy public office and sub sequentially belong to a system we believe is rotten from the inside and needs a deep evaluation, maybe even a re-invention.

How are you being financed?

There is no need for external financing. We are all participating as concerned citizens for the current state of not only Baja California, but the country itself. We believe that the course has been lost and politicians have betrayed the people of Mexico. It is time for the citizen to take his or her role in this painful and incipient democracy. RBC pretends to be a platform to open this dialog and if need be, start a movement.

If for some reason Baja California became independent, how would we protect ourselves from a possible American invasion? Given that most comment that this would be a something that would happen just like it happened with Texas.

Because of the current Geo-political situation, we do not see this as a real possibility.

Anything you would like to add?

We will continue.


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