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And they hailed from the beach...

Born in 2011, Hellixir is a craft beer brewery from Tijuana, Baja California. Inspired by Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy" and the motto from the English Pirate Francis Drake: "Sic Parvis Magna", a phrase which in Latin means "Greatness is born from small beginnings", this is a beer that once you try it, it will have a hold of you forever… Although the name and concept is a bit ominous, I must say that Abel Ureña and his team are some of the humblest and nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting.

"Hellixir's" search of greatness consists in finding the "ideal" beer. It all starts with small ingredients like malt grains and hops. That's where the inspiration comes for Brew Master Héctor Baylon, , who created their recipes mixing a part of his life experiences and journeys through the world, resulting in not only an awesome beer, but that being the culmination of a long process of hard work and effort. A personal story is engraved in each bottle.

You can tell this by listening them talk about each one of their creations. I remember when I firts met them last at Baja Beer Fest and they had a prototype of what would be their FestivAle (a seasonal beer). The way they described the flavor was unique, they told me that the beer would remind me of my childhood Christmases. I was very surprised when I tried it and confirmed that they were not just making things up. It was like that moment In "Ratatouille" when the food critic tries the food and gets transported back to his childhood.

"Hellixir" doesn't only brew beers; they are also committed to their community. "Hellixir will help local and community projects which seek to improve their community. The purpose is to recognize and make make people notice these projects, associations and organizations who are on the same path to greatness.

Their first donation was for the project "Tasting Travels", created by Annika Watcher (GER) and Roberto Gallegos (Tijuana, MEX). "Tasting Travels" promotes bicycle travel around the world, with the purpose of strengthening social empathy. Additionally, they will be sponsors of the next concert of "Siddharta" this December 4th, in Tijuana. "Hellixir" just won 3rd place last week in the Mexicali Beer fest.

"Hellixir" currently has 3 types of beer and a limited Christmas seasonal beer on sale at the following bars:

• Beer Box (Tijuana)

• 1994 bar (Tijuana)

• Tasca Boutique (Tijuana)

• Beer Nights (Rosarito)

• Fuego Restaurante (Valle de Guadalupe)

• FestivAle (Christmas Seasonal brew) will only be sold in Beer Nights (Rosarito) and Beer Box (Tijuana).

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