Baja California

Tasting of Ulloa Winery at Hogaza Hogaza Tijuana

A taste of the best wines from Tecate

On the night of November 15th, the restaurant Hogaza Hogaza Tijuana hosted an exquisite tasting of Ulloa wines.

The tasting was simple, yet elegant. With three different wines from their cellar, a rose Nebbiolo was the first being served, with a strong red fruit accent. Along side a salad with fruit and cherry dressing, this was an excellent choice to start the evening.

Next they served a red wine named "Ulloa 2008". This is one of the most notable wines from thecellar, because it's a blend between Cabernet Saouvignon, Grenache and Petit Sirah. With a strong wood scent and a tad dry finish, it was the perfect compliment to the hambugers served by Hogaza Hogaza, which were dressed with a beer based sauce.

To finish off, Ulloa Winery presented a 2010 Tempranillo with a very distinctive oak scent, that wasn't overly aggresive on the palet. This wine was served along side a dessert consisting of fruit, chocolate and goat cheese that was the perfect pairing for this wine.

Ulloa wines can be found at these restarurants: Verde y Crema, Mission 19 and Hogaza Hogaza.

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Translation by: Lucía Valencia



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