Pope Francis embraces another disfigured man

Continues showing signature acts of kindness in public

EL VATICANO- "The Pope for the poor", as Pope Francis is beginning to be called, has captured the hearts of thousands around the world with his acts of goodwill and charity that seem to happen at least once a week, and today he demonstrated his trademark acts during an event in Saint Peter's Square.

On this occasion, a new image of His Holiness is once again going viral, in which he embraces a man with a severe disfigurement on his face. It happened today at Vatican City during the Pope's weekly audience and before mass, when he makes rounds walking amongst the faithful, stoping where he believes it to be convenient, as he did with this man. He stopped, hugged him, greeted him and blessed this man.

The man's identity is unknown as is the reason for such damage to his face.

For a couple of weeks now, the Pope has made headlines for several acts of perceived kindness, like asking all to pray for the sick, above all for a little girl called Noemí who suffers from a terminal illness at just two years-old, and hugging Vinicio Riva, a man who suffers from a multitude of tumors on his body, especially his face, an image that also was picked up by millions around the world.




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