Any help he can get: Mexican President gets a 'spiritual cleansing'

In hopes for a better year in office, local tribal leaders welcomed him with cake, native garbs and a "limpia"

DURANGO.- On Monday, while attending the opening of a new interstate highway in Durango, Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto was welcomed by the indigenous Tepehuan and Huichol peoples in Mezquital and received a traditional "limpia" or cleansing ceremony that is meant to bring greater fortune to those who undergo the process. In this case they hoped it would give the president a better year than last as he heads into the second of his six-year term.

[p]Local children and other members of the indigenous community celebrated the President's first year with a special cake and by also offering him traditional Tepehuan garbs, which the President actually wore. Except for the pants that shrunk after washing./p]

Credit: Aristegui Noticias
Credit: Aristegui Noticias

The President thanked them for both the gifts and acts of goodwill he was greeted with, adding during his speech that "¡what better sign that we will have a better 2014, than beginning this second year in office beside our brothers from the indigenous ethnicities!" declared Peña Nieto, afterwards proceeding to the cake and his "limpia" cleansing ceremony.

[p]Just last week, several media outlets reported protest around the headquarters of Mexico's media giant, Televisa, when a group of so called "anarchist" spoke against the first year anniversary of the current administration.

At the same time, members of the National Education Workers Coordinator (CNTE in Spanish) and members of the Yo Soy 132 movement (born out of student protest during the 2012 Election) marched from the 'Ángel de la Independencia' monument to the 'Zócalo' square in México City in order to express their displeasure towards Enrique Peña Nieto. They had to made it clear to the public, though, that they weren't related with any "anarchist" groups like the ones protesting Televisa's main studios.

VIDEO: Enrique Peña Nieto's "limpia" ceremony

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