Mike Tyson reveals how he used to pass his drug tests

The former boxer figured out a clever way to beat the drug test.


Mike Tyson was a guest on the television program Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler as the host last Monday night.

The former boxer opened up during his interview with Chelsea Handler and explained in detail about his experiences with the anti-doping exams required by all professional athletes.

Mike Tyson on Chelsea Lately
Mike Tyson on Chelsea Lately

He revealed that he kept a fake penis filled with urine from someone else who did not use drugs. When questioned about what types of drugs would have been found in his system Tyson only limited himself to say "marijuana".

Regarding how he was able to fool the person in charge of administering the test, he said:

"It doesn't work quite like you think, but it works if you want to pass a drug test… You pull it out [the fake penis], it has inside someone elses urine, of course it has to be someone who doesn't use drugs, and I wait. People usually turn around as soon as you pull "it" out, I just filled the cup with the other urine."

He did mentioned that the system did not work 100% of the time, since in 1992 he was apprehended and sentenced to six years in jail, where he had to go through the drug tests. But he was not prepared and did not have his fake organ with him leaving him exposed.

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