Baja California presents: "Best Of Baja Awards"

Choose your nominees!

Good day dear readers! Today we're reaching out to you for help in getting our list of nominees for our first "Best of Baja Awards", where we will honor the very best Baja California has to offer, be it either food, beer or wine. We want this award to come directly from you and so, tell us, which ones are your favorites? We have seven categories, the rest is up to you. Voting starts now!


1. Best Bar: Nightlife was one of the key aspects this year in Baja California, pick your favorite spot!

2. Best Craft Beer (Brewery): Baja can take pride on its mastery of craft beer this year, which one was your favorite?

3. Baja's Best Winery: This year we had the pleasure of enjoying some of the best wine in the world, which one deserves the prize?

4. Best Restaurant: Baja's food was booming all year long, what restaurant captured you attention?

5. Best New Restaurant: Chefs from Baja have been busy not just creating new dishes, they also created new places to enjoy them, which one was the best?

6. Best Coffee Shop: Sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and have a good cup of coffee, what was your best spot for this?

7. Best Street Food: It can be tacos, hot dogs, tostadas or anything you can eat while you're out, this is the food of The Real Baja.

It's not just this little virtual awards ceremony that we're having, you could win too! Just by picking your favorites you can also win a special surprise, sponsored by Send us an e-mail with your picks to or

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