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Coronado Brewing's Señor Saison

Beer of the Week

This week, we'll be recommending a beer you can only find at the Beer Box Tijuana while they celebrate their 4th anniversary. We're talking about the Coronado Señor Saison.

Worth explaining some things first, since this beer is actually from San Diego. Why would I recommend one from outside of Baja? Well, the brew is a collaboration between the Coronado Brewing Company and one of the Beer Box's Master Brewers, as they call them, señor Diego Salas. This is a Saison style beer infused with jalapenos, an excellent choice for munching down some appetizers and drinking a few cold ones. The Mexican flavor, mixed in with the classic taste of beer from the Coronado Brewing Company, make for a perfect combination that leaves you wanting more, and goes great with some of the house's nachos.

You can find the beer at The Beer Box Tijuana. For directions on how to get there, check out their Facebook page or their official site.


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