Tijuana native among boxing's most powerful

Fernando Beltrán comes in ninth on list of 25 most powerful people in boxing

TIJUANA.- Tijuana native Fernando Beltrán continues on brining more honors to the region through his career, and now most recently in 2013 when he was named one of the 25 most powerful figures in international boxing.

Beltrán is one of the founders of "Zanfer", a boxing promoter with 21 years in the business and chartered with recognizing sporting talent and promoting the most important boxers in Mexico, not for nothing is it considered one of the most important in Latin America.

Among Fernando Beltrán's achievements as a boxing promoter is being able to breathe new life into boxing in Mexico, managing to acquire important television airtime for this great sport and at the same time working together with other international promoters like "Top Rank."

Bleacher Report, a sport magazine, place Fernando Beltrán on its number 9 spot of its exclusive list thanks to his effort. By the end of the year,

[p]Zanfer will present during a special showing, the best of its new talents in its native city: Tijuana.


Zanfer's figures. Courtesy of Zanfer.
Zanfer's figures. Courtesy of Zanfer.

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