Baja California

The Best Craft-Beer of 2013

Part of our "Best of Baja 2013" winners

Our "Best of Baja 2013" series continues with readers's pick of the overall best craft-beer for 2013:

"Inmortal Black Rye IPA" from Silenus brewery.

There's no doubt they picked the right one, (it would've been our top choice too) with great word-of-mouth and great on the mouth as well.

Throughout the year, both in beer festivals in cities across Baja and during hip party conversations about craft-beer, the brew on most people's minds was "Inmortal Black Rye IPA", and obviously those minds had good things to say about it, as readers have voted it as the best of 2013.

"Inmortal" is an IPA that greets you with a dark color, which actually differs from most IPA's in the region. The taste, rich with dark malt and rye, is accentuated by the hops they use.

It's a well rounded brew, in every aspect, and IPA fans will have something else to fall in love with next year.

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