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Best Bar of 2013

Another winner in our "Best of Baja" series

And oldie, but goodie.

Although the Best Bar for 2013 is not new, this has been a staple of night life in Tijuana since it opened in 1989 as has been one of the bars with the most history and tradition in the city: "Sótano Suizo".


VIDEO: "Genaro Valladolid visita el Sótano Suizo"

As great as the bar has always been, it's had a resurgence in popularity over this past year, especially with the increase in demand for craft-beers and a more diverse type of urban night life in Tijuana, which "El Sótano" delivers.

Sótano Suizo (Swiss basement in Spanish) has excellent world-class food with a European touch (and variety), like their enormous 1.5ft "Mamuth Dog" hot dog or its goulash soup, probably the only place in the city that offers this authentic Central European dish.

It's also a great place to watch any type of sporting event, try their magnificent craft-beers, brewed by one of the owners, Demián Bosiger, or simply spend some quality time with friends and listen to their varied musical selection, from all styles of rock to even new wave music.

The Sótano Suizo has remained as one of people's favorite for more than 22 years, and this year as the favorite from our readers.

VIDEO: "El Sótano Suizo Parte 2"

The people have spoken, congratulations to the Sótano Suizo!

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