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The Best NEW Restaurant of 2013 was

Our next to last winner of our "Best of Baja" series

Two thousand and thirteen was quite a year for Baja and its culinary revolution, especially because it became more accessible to regular folks who can't travel to the countryside (where a lot of these new restaurants are) or simply are looking for something more in line with their needs and tastes.

Like organic food.

"Organic" is still a relatively new term south of the border, even in the modern, up and coming places of Tijuana and the rest of Baja. But one restaurant in Tijuana has managed to stand out among the rest of the newcomers with it, and both our readers and our team came to the same conclusion: the best new restaurant in Baja California for 2013 was "Verde y Crema", from chef Jair Tellez.

Jair Tellez is one of the most prolific chefs in Mexico. Besides managing "Verde y Crema", he has two other restaurants counted among the best of Latin América: Laja in the Valle de Guadalupe, and MeroToro, in Mexico City.

So, it wasn't a surprise to see another of his restaurants on a list of people's favorites.

"Verde y Crema" continues to be a promoter of Baja food, but all of its ingredients are 100% organic, the majority of them grown in the Guadalupe Valley region.

Another enchanting aspect is its decor, with murals from local artist adorning its parking area, and with a well lit ambiance, eating at "Verde y Crema" is an experience that looks like a Mexican artistic fantasy, mixed also with a bit of local nostalgic Tijuana urban history; the restaurant is located almost on the exact same spot as the old "Verde y Crema" (green and beige colored) city bus station (the buses still run through the city, and their union offices are located next to the restaurant).

Another plus? Right in front of it is the BCB Tasting Room, the bar with the largest selection of craft-beers in all of Baja.

Congratulations to chef Jair Tellez and his team for being named as the best new restaurant in Baja California in 2013.

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