Tijuana Xolos present the new jersey

Huge presentation party to introduce the new Xolos jersey.

TIJUANA - Big presentation party was put together last night by Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente for the official presentation of the new jersey that the Xolos will use in 2014. Sponsors, special guest, media, and fans all gave witness to how the new jersey was presented in such a spectacular fashion.

La Masakr3 fan club was invited to attend the event and they jumped and sang, and waved all of their traditional flags that we see on match day. The fan club kept the crowd entertained as everyone waited through the usual "Mexican Time" one hour delay from the announced time.

Special routine was performed by the XoloGirls, the Club Tijuana cheerleaders to open up the event, followed by a spectacular magician making people appear and disappear.

The magician eventually started making players appear wearing past jerseys, then they would disappear and the next one was presented. All until the XoloMayor mascot magically appeared inside of the magician's box wearing the brand new jersey.

The entire team then flashed out from behind a curtain all wearing the new jersey (except for the handful who were modeling previous editions). This caused a huge roar from the crowd and loud siging from the Masakr3. The conductor of the ceremony had to repeatedly ask the Masakr3 for a chance to introduce the players of the team.

U.S. internationals Herculez Gomez, Joe Corona, Edgar Castillo, Paul Arriola, and Greg Garza all got loud receptions from the crowd as their names were announced.

Check out a small clip of what the event was like:

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