Baja California

From Agua Mala Brewery, comes: "Sirena"

The Beer of the Week

The region's weather has been off this winter, almost beach-like at some points even (the forecast for next week calls for high 70's or low 80's! at the coast!).

Which is why our first beer recommendation of the year comes from a special place in Baja: Ensenada, and aptly named "Sirena", Spanish for mermaid. A perfect beer to enjoy this bizarre but warm January weather.

"Sirena" is a pilsner type beer, with a pale yellowish color and an exquisite taste on its head, its aroma is heightened by some hops, a bit of flowers and a touch of pine. A long tasting and complex malt body along with notes of very sweet barley. Refreshing and ideal for a Friday like this.

Fortunately, Agua Mala brewery currently has a very good distribution, with no problems finding them in specialized stores and in every retail store in Baja California, so go ahead and enjoy some.

To learn more about Agua Mala, visit their official page .


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