Cesar Farias highlights Xolos' Versatility as main weapon

Farias faced the press after Xolos loss on the weekend.

TIJUANA - Not afraid of facing the media after a loss Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles manager Cesar Farias spoke to press following Monday evening's training session. The Venezuelan manager gave his thoughts on the 2-1 loss in Pachuca and looks forward to Friday night's clash against Morelia at the Estadio Caliente.

Farias is not too worried about the loss to Pachuca, he takes into consideration the way his team fell a believes that does small aspects can be corrected.

"[i]There are different ways to lose a game. You can lose a game due to bad quality play, which was not our case. You can also lose a match because of a lack in character, which was not our case as well; since we had the two goal scoring opportunities at the end for the 2-2[/i].

"You can never be ok with a loss, but I am relaxed and not worried because my team played good football. Better football than Pachuca."

Cesar Farias did recognized and noted where the team went wrong in the loss to Pachuca.

"We did mess up in our tactics. We had to be more organized, and we just gave them the ball. Our players are in top physical condition, but being in top physical condition does not mean your lungs are fully prepared for the altitude."

It is still very early in the season but the Tijuana Xolos seem to be going through a bit of an injury issue, if not crisis. Argentine forward who was injured the majority of his debut season in the Apertura 2013 season had to be subbed out in the middle of the Pachuca match. Joe Corona was not able to start due to an ankle injury and only played the final 10 minutes.

And while Farias is always concerned for the well being of his players, he is not that concern with how this issue affects the team. according to him there is a long list of quality players in the squad to choose from if one of team's stars goes down.

"We have young players playing the Copa MX with Dorados, and with the U-20 squad. We are not afraid of not having all of our stars. We have plenty talent at our disposal"

Looking ahead to the match against Morelia and beyond Farias feels that versatility will be the biggest weapon of the team. And asks for the same support level from the fans as in the America match in week two where the Xolos took a 1-0 win with a late Cristian Pellerano goal.

"We will not be a predictable club. I will be working with different looks, I expect my team to have depth in their play, to read the game's moments. Don't be surprised if one day we play with three forwards, or if we play with two creative midfielders. It all depends on the situation of each match and on the opponent on hand.

"The way played against America is not the same way we played against Pachuca. I have not doubt that in the three matches we have surprised out opponents.

"I can't just come right and say what I have plan for Morelia. I know they are a tough team, very fast and mobile. Especially on the sides with the Ecuadorian kid (Jefferson Montero) who I faced when I managed Venezuela.

"But like any team they have their weaknesses, as do we. But we'll be looking to beat them for the first time. Just like with America, we had never beaten them here at home and we accomplished that. But it will be important to have the fan support all 90 minutes. Against America we got a late winner because our fans pushed us all the way, and we'll need that again."

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