Cesar Farias: "We need more active time"

The Xolos manager wants less interruptions in the game.

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TIJUANA - True to his style the Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles manager surprised the reporters at his post match press conference saying that the key to victory was the active time in the match. According to him Mexican football has so much quality that dead time should diminish.

"We need to play more football. I will not criticize the referee, I am criticizing the game in general. Mexican football with all of it's history does not deserve this. We have shown great football in the four matches so far; maybe we haven't finished them off like the same authority but that time will come. We have been showing that."

He did not not wish to talk in detail about the Monarcas Morelia squad who he labeled as a "good and complicated" team. He rather chose to praise his squad as well as talk about the professional debut of the Mexicali native Jose Alberto Garcia who played the final minutes with the Xolos team.

"That is a team that looks like a European squad" said Farias "These youngsters all did the preseason with us, plus he has plenty of minutes with the Dorados of Sinaloa squad. Not only him (Jose Garcia) but there are plenty of other youngsters ready to play. We just need to be smart about when is the appropriate time to send them in."

"I asked him to play like himself" said Farias after the youngster had a one-on-one play against the Morelia goalkeeper Carlos Rodriguez. It is worth mentioning that Garcia was not afraid to dribble at defenders since the moment he entered the match.

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