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Baja restaurants named as part of Mexico's top 25

Tijuana and Ensenada are home to nine of the country's best culinary experiences

UNITED STATES.- has once again recognized Baja's fantastic cuisine, this time as part of their list of Mexico's 25 best restaurants., one o the culinary industry's largest media sources, previously did a 101 best restaurants in Latin America list, and this time around, nine restaurants from both Tijuana and Ensenada made the list once more. Let's see who they were:

24. Caesar's Restaurant at Hotel Caesar's (Tijuana)

Located in the heart of Tijuana, Caesar's Restaurant on Avenida Revolución is the birthplace of the world-famous Caesar Salad, created by Chef Caesar Cardini during the 1920s. The restaurant still maintains a classic style in its design, but management has been at the hands of local star, Chef Javier Plascencia, since 2012, revitalizing it by focusing more on current Baja cuisine.

23. Silvestre (Valle de Guadalupe)

An open air restaurant with a grill is all that Chef Benito Molina needed in order to work his magic in the Baja wine region of Valle de Guadalupe (Guadalupe Valley). "Silvestre", is a restaurant with the luxury of being able to open only on the weekends, having a very rustic feel and look. With completely organic ingredients from the valley, "Silvestre" has a menu that ranges from seafood to lamb, an excellent example of Baja's culinary treasure trove. Oh, did we mention it has an excellent wine selection?

20. Muelle Tres (Ensenada)

David Martinez and Chef Andoney Garcia are in charge of this small but unpretentious restaurant in Ensenada, operating with a museum like schedule of Tuesday through Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., serving excellent shellfish and the freshest seafood in all of Ensenada. We recommend the clam chowder, the sashimi and definitely the ceviche.

16. Villa Saverios (Tijuana)

A restaurant for special occasions in Tijuana. Chef Javier Plascencia is head at "Villa Saverios", a very elegant restaurant with wooden floors and a design style that calls back to better times, practically a very Tuscany feel with a modern touch. "Villa Saverios" offers sophisticated Mexican food also, with a Baja twist that places it above the rest.

15. La Querencia (Tijuana)

The term "BajaMed" is attributed to this restaurant's head chef, Miguel Ángél Guerrero, and the quality of the food certainly backs up the idea that he fathered it. The menu includes roasted duck, lamb shops and delicious cuts of beef, although the best selection in the menu are their seafood, from skewered octopus to a grilled shrimp salad or delicious abalone. Definitely one of the best presenters of "BajaMed" food.

14. Laja (Valle de Guadalupe)

When chef Jair Téllez isn't in Mexico City at his restaurant MeroToro, Jair Téllez

(one of the best in all of Latin America) is at "Laja" a rustic, laid-back establishment in the Mexican wine country of the Valle de Guadalupe. "Laja" stands out because of its changing menu, depending what's in season, since the Chef prefers to offer dishes with ingredients that are of the best quality, which is why it is always a surprise to see what he has in store for us.

12. Corazón de Tierra (Valle de Guadalupe)

"Corazón de Tierra" houses Chef Diego Hernández and his team. Just like "Laja", there is no true menu, but instead one is treated to the magical experience of having for dinner whatever mother the restaurant has managed to harvest themselves, offering the possibility of creating new dishes daily. The taste is impeccable, accompanied by a drink and an establishment that allows you to gaze at the natural scenery, becoming an experience for enjoying delicious good and feeling like you're on vacation (which a lot of you probably would be).

10. Manzanilla (Ensenada)

A restaurant that from the beginning promises to "fine wines, live abalone and exceptional mezcal", "Manzanilla" looks like from something from another time, but it never stops feeling like you're trying something new. Yet another restaurant that puts a new spin on traditional seafood recipes thanks to a slight Baja touch, it is a must when visiting Ensenada, truly.

6. Misión 19 (Tijuana)

The poster child for Tijuana's renaissance on the international stage, chef Javier Plascencia's "Mision 19" has really taken off. In just two and a half years, it has gone from a place with regional potential to a national and even global destination for culinary lovers. Its success has placed it on the pages of The New Yorker and The New York Times, among other great publications. When Anthony Bourdain recommends it above San Diego's culinary offering, you know that there is something exceptionally good about this place.

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