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Baja Chefs: "We Fought The Law and The Foie Won"

How Tijuana's culinary scene became a refuge for California chefs flouting foie gras ban

The prohibitionist whims of the U.S have always been good to Tijuana. In the 1920s, Tijuana became a haven for spirit imbibers escaping the Volstead Act's restrictive laws, attracting a glamorous set to the city and its famed casino and cocktail bars that included everyone from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty.

Prohibition is once again Tijuana's gain. With California's foie gras ban, Tijuana's renowned culinary scene has become a refuge for adventurous California chefs who want to prepare this French delicacy.

In the rebellious spirit of flouting prohibitions, and bridging the two Californias together through some of its brightest chefs, Club Tengo Hambre and Misión 19 are pleased to announce, 'We Fought the Law and the Foie Won', a special, "The Clash" inspired four course dinner with Mexican foie gras prepared by Javier Plascencia from Misión 19, Jason Knibb from Nine-Ten, Walter Manzke from Republique, and Ryan Steyn from Latitud 32.

The March 6th – 7:00PM dinner, held at Misión 19 in Tijuana, includes:

    Four courses of Mexican Foie gras
    2 Glasses of wine

VIDEO: Club Tengo Hambre presents: "We Fought The Law and The Foie Won"

For ticket purchases click here. Fore more info contact For directions to arrive at Misión 19 click here.

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