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"Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" in Tijuana

The only Hawaiian tattoo parlor and bar in the world.

TIJUANA.- Only in Tijuana can we find a place that is half Tattoo parlor and home to one of the best artist in the business, and half Hawaiian themed bar with a Tiki Room look right out of a Tarantino fantasy. "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" is one of the most original concepts to open its doors in the midst of downtown Tijuana's current renaissance.


It was only six or seven months ago that "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" opened its doors on this side of the border as the latest efforts of Pablo "Chino" Rodríguez and his business partner Gil Taimana, but, "Tahiti Felix"'s history began more than 50 years ago, in 1949 to be exact, when the Tahitian tattoo artist Felix Lynch opened his store in San Diego, which today is the oldest tattoo business in the city. Wanting to take things further, Gil and Chino brought the concept to Tijuana, famous for its innovative ways in business nightlife, the result is a bar unique to the world, where the idea of a traditional tattoo bar was fused with a Hawaiian bar.


With a 100 percent authentic environment, the level of detail that went into "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" really transports us to another time and place. And the best thing about it all is that you can't decide what the best part is: the work of Chino Rodríguez as a tattoo artist, who has done work throughout the world, from his native Buenos Aires, Argentina, to even the most remote corners of the U.S., or the large variety of inspired drinks in its Tiki Bar, that range from the classic Mai Tai to other extravagant ones like the "Castaway", with a unique touch from "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" or the delicious "Blue Hawaiian", a favorite of customers.


Blue Hawaiian
Blue Hawaiian

And if what you are looking for is just a simple beer, don't worry. Even though they currently only serve commercial beer (not that craft-beer we've been talking about here a lot), their prices are extremely low compared to other bars in the are, at just below $2 dollars a bottle, which sounds like a reasonable price. Another plus is that it is the only bar in the city with the famous "Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum", which couldn't be more perfect for a bar like this.

"Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" has also set out to host legendary bands from the alternative rock scene. Only a couple of weeks ago did the "Los Crudos" band play here, being the only time in recent years that they've played in Mexico, and soon, "Luicidal" will play too, with members of another legendary band, "Suicidal Tendencies". It's important for there to exist places that promote local bands that otherwise wouldn't have a lot of options for exposure.

"Los Crudos" en Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor. Foto de Zophie Felina Photography
"Los Crudos" en Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor. Foto de Zophie Felina Photography

Parking isn't a problem, since "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" has its own, besides also being besides a hotel that also belongs to them, which can be very beneficial for anyone looking to party all night long or had too much to drink. Everybody is bilingual at the bar, without mentioning also the excellent service they have. It was years since I felt like being at home at a bar like I did while being here.


So, there you go, if you are looking for a unique concept, "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" is one of the best options Tijuana has to offer. Learn more at its Facebook page or at its official site.


You can find "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor" located at Galeana 7ma # 8379 almost corner with Negrete, Zona Centro, Tijuana, and open Monday through Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 11:45 am and Thursday through Saturday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 am.Click here for a map! .


VIDEO: Interview with Pablo "Chino" Rodríguez in "Tahiti Felix's Tiki Lounge & Tattoo Parlor"

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