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Beer of the Week: "Hoppy Red Ale" from Benton Brewery

A Red Ale with extra hops to top it off

We've mentioned beers from Benton Brewery here before, but it was only until a couple of days ago that I had the pleasure of having a "Hoppy Red Ale" and their "Vanilla Porter", and it reminded my of why I fell in love with them the first time I tasted some of their brews. Benton stands out because of the Californian influence in their style of adding the hops to their products.

The "Hoppy Red Ale" has a very generous hops compared to others I've tasted, bordering on being a Pale Ale or even an IPA style beer, but without losing its characteristics properties. It also has a beautiful reddish color and a very particular aroma given off by that extra hops. This beer is perfect for getting a start on the weekend.

You can find it at "El Tigre Bar", "El Pub de la Uni", "Beerbox" and at the "Bar 1994" in Tijuana.

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