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The Beer of the Week: "Pilsen Sour" from Mamut Brewery

White wine and craft-beer come together and make a delicious tasting baby

On Wednesday, I was at the Food Garden's anniversary event when Juan José Quezada, Master Brewer at Mamut Brewery Co, texted me and said they had just opened a cask of an Imperial Stout they've been brewing, and invited us (me and camerawoman Eli Rosales) to their soon-to open two level restaurant and brewery in Tijuana's downtown to have a taste.

Their new, bigger and better location is coming along amazingly, and they even have a mammoth-shaped stone oven (Mamut is Spanish for mammoth), and we'll certainly go back after it's completed.

Now back to the beer. It's worth noting that they age their beers in old wine barrels, because while tasting through their newest brews, we stumbled upon one that practically was deemed as a failure a couple of months ago, but now is selling like hotcakes; the "pilsen sour" from Mamut.

The beer, it turns out, was a complete accident. Although it was originally meant to be an Ale type beer, they used pure pilsen malt, fermented in a Seguin Moroe French cask, which still had some of the acids from the white wine kept there, accidentally giving the beer an extreme acidity. They stored it as a mistake and continued normal production, until curiosity got the best of them and decided to take a look at it once more after a couple of months.

To their astonishment, the beer kept the best of white wine mixed with the body and taste of the beer's malt. A completely unique drink you won't find anywhere else.

Mamut Brewery Co. is located within the Pasaje Rodríguez pass on Avenida Revolución in the Tijuana "Zona Centro", or downtown. Click here to see a map.

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