Complaint filed against Tijuana City Hall for extortion attempts

Alberto Escourido calls to fight for the city

TIJUANA- Alberto Escourido, a public accountant, has filed a complaint against whoever may be responsible for the extortion attempts against Tijuana's municipal government, an accusation that initially came to light late February of this year.

During a press conference around that time, Tijuana's Mayor Jorge Astiazarán indicated that Public Prosecutor, Arturo Ledesma Romo, was behind the attempted extortion and created a committee to investigate the issue. After that, it seemed as though the issue died down, which is why Alberto Escourido reunited a campaign called 100 por Tijuana (100 for Tijuana), to lodge a complaint and find out who is responsible so that they may be held accountable and sanctioned.

Escourido explains that although our government is elected by the people, it is still the government's responsibility to remain accountable to the people. These are rights that are clearly established in the Mexican Constitution, and as citizens, the right to demand answers and information clearly exists. Alberto Escourido is leading a call to unite and promote more responsible citizens in order to avoid similar cases, errors, and political abuse that inevitably remain secrets and to go without punishment.

"Because this was an internal act that became public, and we haven't seen any complaints filed, the law allows us to do it ourselves, and the vehicle by which we do that is that is by demanding public information that we are witness to, which is why I have lodged a complaint against whoever is responsible for this, without the need to specify who is responsible", continued Alberto Escourido,

The complaint was filed before the Office of the State Attorney General where it is currently being reviewed. When the complaint was filed it entered a process of circumstantial review, and now it has passed on to a higher level of review.

"I think the authorities have the obligation to be clear and transparent… the power belongs to the people, not authorities." Escourido affirmed, "we are not going to allow this investigation to be manipulated, we are going to remain vigilant to ensure that it is properly conducted"

Alberto Escourido denied that this process has anything to do with political affiliations, and that it is being done in the best interest of Tijuana.


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